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AC and Solar rechargeable LED Emergency Light

Price: R495

Now:  R299 



· Integrated with high quality luminescent LED

· With AC charge and Solar charge functions

· Charging Indicator

· Wall mountable or use built-in hook for your convenience

· AUTO ON via DC/solar charging mode

· Highly portable

·Charge devices such as mobile phone, tablet, mp3 player, etc via USB port

· Dimmable



· Power source: AC165-265V , 50HZ/ DC 12V Solar Charge

· AC Charging Time Approx 2 Hours / Solar (DC) Approx 8 Hours

· Duration time: 4-8 hours depending on brightness setting.

· 40 x 3528 LED (480LM)

· Output Power: 7 Watts

· Size: 40 x 3 x 5.5 cm