4 CHANNEL 720P TRUCK and BUS Camera KIT (WAS | R5400)
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4CH 720P Mobile AHD DVR Video Recorder with Remote Control, 4 pcs Waterproof IR LED HD Camera and 7" TFT LCD Color Monitor 720P Mobile DVR: Seamless recording technology. Support SD card (not included) up to 128GB, more convenient and vibration-proof than the hard disk version. Compression Mode, Support four channel 4pin connector video input, one channel AV connector video and audio output. IR remote control. CAMERAS: one dome camera to monitor front drive/driver (for inside cabin - not waterproof); two side view waterproof cameras to monitor left/right rear blind zone; one rear view waterproof camera to monitor rear discharge or reverse blind zone. Includes a 7 inch LED color LCD display monitor. CABLES: 3pcs 5meters Male to Female 4 Pin Video Power Extension Cable and 1pc 20meters Male to Female 4 Pin Video Power Extension Cable. Note: Please remember to lock the SD card slot with the key after insert the card - If not, the DVR will shut down automatically. Connect the Red and Yellow power cord to the positive electrode, and the Black power cord to the negative electrode. Operating voltage between 9V-33V. THIS CAMERA SYSTEM DOES NOT SUPPORT WIFI, GPS OR 3G / 4G - IT IS PURELY USED AS A DVR RECORDING DEVICE and REVERSE / BLIND-SPOT MONITOR FOR DRIVER. FOOTAGE / RECORDINGS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM THE SD CARD AS OR WHEN REQUIRED. 4G MODEL AVAILABLE AND DOES SUPPORT REAL-TIME REMOTE VIEWING, GPS TRACKING, ETC.
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